Sasonah Lodge recognizes the difficulty in taking the decision to move into residential care.
However, placement is often necessary for the applicant's safety, security and physical or mental well being.

We encourage and advise families and / or the prospective resident where possible to begin the application procedure before a crisis situation arises. Sasonah Lodge is not a hospital facility. Therefore, we are unable to accommodate emergency placements. The admissions procedure is coordinated by the Manager.
Support and counseling is available to the prospective resident and family.

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Our Fees

• Our fees are R 9500-00 per month excluding sundries such as nappies.

• Day care fees are R 350-00 per day

• Home based care is R 350-00 per day care and R 420-00 per nightshift. (Prices are subject to change depending on distance traveled.)

Our fees are fixed for 2017 and there is a 10% interest rate every year.

Sasonah Lodge is registered with Social Development, Health Development and are proud members of Alzheimer's Association


Elderly persons, male and female.

Physical and / or mental frailty requiring nursing care

The existence of social criteria, such as isolation and no support system requiring a residential facility.