About Sasonah Lodge

We have two to three patients per room where you can decorate the room as you please. We also have two bedroom cottages available on the property where couples can reside where they will receive nursing care when needed. Our house doctor calls every six to eight weeks but is available when needed and also when I patient is admitted.

We have a fantastic group of paramedics on standby 24/7, as well as hairdressers that come in and give everyone a good trim every six to eight weeks. We have three delicious meals a day as well as four set tea times with a snack time in between. We also provide basic toiletries after the first month. We however do not provide medication. We provide disposable nappies

Sasonah Lodge is a private facility and is unable to subsidize government patients at this time. We offer home based care as well as day care facilities.

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Frail and Cancer care center

These diseases can be extremely challenging for the patients, families and the caregivers. Our patients can be extremely, unintentionally destructive as they will pull loose threads out of couches, pull off doorknobs, break cupboards etc, therefore they need to be continuously monitored.

The government does not subsidize Sasonah Lodge, therefore we rely on our patient’s families as well as donations from companies to assist us throughout the month.

Unfortunately as any business it can be extremely difficult to get fees owed to us by the families, which puts a lot of pressure on us as we are still obliged to carry out our services. We have attempted to apply for a Government grant but have yet to receive and feedback from the Social Development.

Sasonah Lodge can accommodate 35 patients and we are trying to raise funds to finish out two semi-self catering units where nursing care will be on standby for those who are able to assist themselves. At Sasonah Lodge we are dedicated to helping others, through understanding, wisdom and support throughout the care-giving journey.